Answers to some of the questions that we are most commonly asked.

Why do I need a Safety Certificate?

Pool Safety Certificates are required for a number of reasons, but most of all to ensure your pool area is as safe as it can possibly be!

> Pre Sale or Pre Rental of Property

> Keeping Children Safe

> Pool fences require regular checks

Why is Pool Safety Important?

There have been over 30 immersions already in Queensland this Summer. Safety is so very important around pools to avoid serious injury or even death.

Once an ambulance is called, QBCC become involved and an investigation takes place. Your insurance may not cover you in the event of your pool fence safety certificate not being up to date.

When should I book a Pool Inspector?

The safest option is to book an inspector during your pre-build or pre-construction phases. A minimum of 24 hours before you require the inspector onsite would be ideal.

If you engage with Brisbane Plus Pool Safety, there are no re-inspection fees so you should book an inspector early on, and even before repairs are taken out – to ensure the correct repairs are made to your Pool fence.

What should I check before you inspect?

You can make use of our Pre Inspection Checklist, but we understand that some people have busy schedules, the checklist is helpful but not a requirement.

Our team will advise you if there is something wrong with your pool fence and the most affordable way to fix it.

Don’t waste time – call an inspector and be reassured that there are no re-inspection fees.

Have something more specific to ask?

Please complete the form below, and attach any photos of the Pool Fence / Area and our team will contact you within 1 business day.

    Disclaimer: We can do our best to provide advice based on the information and images supplied, however occassionally a site inspection may be required to ensure the most accurate compliance information is given.